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Bangkok post

who : Illegal fishing
What : The problem is illegal fishing with in the marine
Where : similan Island
why : I want photographs of sharks being unloaded and also photos of fish traps on dive sites, fish-trap markers within park boundaries and of boats participating in drift net fishing.
How : I first started diving in the Similan in 2004, it was common to see sharks on many of the dive sites

Who : Senators
What : offered cash for chater votes.
where : Patliament
Why : The government is expected to seek at least another 15 votes to support the proposed charter amendments before parliament meets to deliberate the proposed changes in the third reading on Feb 11.
How : Democrat MP Thepthai Senpong, personal spokesman of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, strongly dismissed the claim by Mr Prompong. Making such enormous investments in exchange for the votes was unwarranted

Who :Nine people
what : 9 killed, 2 injured in Yala road bombing
where : in Yala
Why : Officers investigate the scene of a powerful roadside bomb in Yala’s Yaha district that killed nine people and injured two others travelling on a pickup truck
How : The incident was the second major attack in a week after an assault on a military outpost last Wednesday in which four soldiers were killed and 13 others injured.

Khanom La

History of Khanom La
Khamon Lal is very important and well known of Southern because Khanom La use to perform of religion which is custom and culture of Buddhism. Taste of Khanom La is sweet, scent and delicious. Color of Khanom La is brown.
eggs yolk
enamelled bowl
filter coth
Procedure of produce
1. Take rice flour add to enamelled bowl, water, honey and sugar then mixes those things to match well.
2. Take pan on the fire after that paint down pan with oil which mixes eggs yolk. After that take flour into can and add on the pan.
3. Wait 2 or 3 minute then use bamboo rolling Khanom La to circle and take put on the tray.



1) + N + V -ing P เช่น

Exports gaining speed

2) + N + V-ed P รูป Ved P เช่น

Thai held in Malaysia

3) + N + Prep. P. เช่น

Major cuts in budget

4) + N + to V.p รูป to V. P. เช่น

New fund to ease loan problem


+ N + Prep. P

Virtual fishing to get reel in Japan

+ N + V-ed P รูป Ved P

Government told to narrow economic gap

N+ to V.P รูป to V.P

KT Zmico seeks to expand regional reach

The private sector urges the government to narrow the economic gap by bringing a balanced welfare system.

Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) chairman Kosit Panpiemras said at an academic seminar on Monday the economic gap is caused by four factors:

1. Government policy has widened the gap, as can be seen from the special privileges granted to capitalists, while corruption has become more prevalent, allowing rich people to accumulate more wealth.

2. The growing economy has not created more productive jobs, which has led to more informal workers, fewer taxpayers, a narrow tax base and unfair tax reductions.

3. The economic infrastructure development has shown that past developments did not help enhance the country's competitiveness. There is insufficient promotion of technology and innovation.

4. Thailand still lacks basic welfare provision, as reflected by the large number of informal workers in the country, and the government's welfare system has not reached the less fortunate. Education opportunities and training must be highlighted to help raise income levels.

"The Thai economy has progressed well and is more prosperous, and the number of poor people has dropped.

"However, poverty is no longer the main problem but the quality of development has to be addressed.

"The economic gap in Thailand is as high as in countries in Latin America and it has an impact on the political situation till this day," the former finance and industry minister said.

Mr Kosit, speaking before the Constitution Court handed down its verdict said of the case went against the ruling Democrat Party that the verdict would not affect the country's economy.

The judges voted four to two to drop the electoral funding fraud case against the ruling party on grounds that the petition process was unlawful from the beginning.

However, the TDRI chairman said, the Democrat dissolution case would have a short-term impact on the economy regardless of the outcome.

He said the country's economy for next year should expand four per cent year-on-year, as initially projected.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) composite index soared by more than 16 points in the afternoon as investors welcomed the court’s verdict on the Democrat dissolution case.

At 3.02pm, the SET index stood at 1008.30, up 16.68 points or 1.68 per cent. The trade value was 17.64 billion baht.

Thanachart Securities marketing senior director Pichai Lertsupomgkij said the court’s ruling had helped ease investors' concerns about political uncertainty.

But the risk factors pressuring the capital market are still the financial crisis in Europe and the conflict between South and North Korea.

Office of Industrial Economics director-general Suttinee Poopaka said Thailand's manufacturing production index last month stood at 191.57 points, down 4.91 per cent from September 2010.

Mrs Suttinee said the MPI for September was 201.45 points.

The capacity utilisation rate for last month was 64.11 per cent.

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PM: Cambodia has removed sign

Published: 26/01/2011 at 02:10 PM

Cambodian troops have removed the "Here! is Cambodia" sign on the disputed border near Preah Vihear, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Wednesday.

"It's a good thing Cambodian authorities have cooperated with us," Mr Abhisit said.

Cambodia put the controversial stone sign up after Thai soldiers withdrew from Kaew Sikha Khiri Sikha Sawara temple on Dec 1 last year.

The sign initially read "Here! is the place where Thai troops invaded Cambodian territory on July 14, 2008."

After Thai authorities on Monday asked Cambodia to remove the tablet, the Cambodian army yesterday replaced it with a sign reading "Here! is Cambodia".


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Folding chicken

Father bantam very beautiful
Meterials required
1. Poster paper colors red, orange, and cream, dark green and light green.
2. Latex adhesive (glue).
3. Eakeigong size 1 cm.
Steps to do
1. Paper cut poster cream is a body one piece folder the dash.
2. Paper cut posterred is a wattle and mouth follow way each 1 piece folded the dash.
3. Paper cut poster the tail is orange inside. Poster paper and cut red the outer tail. Each 2 pieces then use shrp-pointed. Circus cutb the dash to be welded. Fold up and down the tract.
4. Paper cut poster dark green is into wing. And light green is using is outside each 2 pieces using a sharp-pointed. Circus the dash to be welded. Fold up and down the tract.


don't constrain me to wait

that you will choose someone

don't constrain me to understand and every endure

don't constrain me to snacth

the thing that belong to me for a long time

but now I know all thing have no again
I love you and love for along time

love too much , would like to surender
ฉันขออย่างเดียว ให้เขาจริงใจดูแล

I entreat only one take care you like me

like me to do for you always

I gladness with your person
tell to her audible

I will to step aside, please

give gladness with two person
ไม่ช้าฉันคงทำใจได้ ฉันยินดีจากไป

coming soon I will restraint one's mind I delight to walk away

I willing to do for you
tell to him
who is a goodluck man that win the heart of you
บอกกับเขาว่าฉัน รักเธอมากมายเท่าไหร่

tell to her which howmuch I love you?

tell sincerely from my heart that how do you worth for me
อยากให้เขาได้รัก รู้สึกกับเธออย่างฉัน

I would like her love and feel with you like me

Come back, Please


i wait you only one for long time

i have you in my arms as my wish

but when you gone ...

What's happen with my heart?

do you hear the heart-voice that it tell love you
หลับตาเพ้อ...ตื่นมายังเผลอ คิดถึงเธออยู่ทุกที

when i closed my eyes and when i wake up,i still delirious to you
อยากให้รัก....กลับไปเหมือนเดิม เหมือนที่เคยมี

i wanted my love come back to me as i had

but today..i don't know,who do u stay with

Come back,please..come back to be us
กลับมารักฉัน คนที่รักเธอหมดใจ

come back to love me who loves you fully heart
อะไรที่พลั้ง... อะไรที่เผลอไป...

what anything i made it mistaked

please, forgive me..baby

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Path down oppose World Heritage

January, 3 at the govt PM Mr.Abhisit Vejjajiva an interview to the policy administration relationship between Thailand and Combodia. The main goal is not want to see tension between he countries. Thailand to present quidelines do not world heritage is a problem. He has a consult with Combodia that will find responsible man to talk together. Do not the crux of the conflict world heritag, which the deputy prime minister Mr.Sok An and the Foreign Ministry to the office of the Prime Minister of Cambodia. To meet Suwit Khunkitti Minister of Natural Resources and Environment in this January.

The Prime Minister said, we hope that at least progress. I do not want to trouble the world heritage Committee meeting In June of this tension. He still would not to meet with King Hun Sen The PM of Cambodia at this time. But to meet the existing ASEAN.
The Deputy PM of security section, Mr.Sutaep: talk to about Cambodia that govt is not satisfied that the Commission postpone the region with Thailand Cambodia (JBC) out several times that times that Cambodia had to explain to understand the reason in during Mr.Ouk San. Deputy PM of Cambodia to meet and discuss with Mr.Suwit Khunkitti world heritage issues pending. He has discuss Mr.Suwit Khunkitti world heritage issues pending. He has discussions with Mr.Sok An of field works territories, because the problems have nothing better to talk together.

Learning In class (Week 11)
1. Give me that book. (order)
2. Pass the jam. (request)
3. Turn right at the corner. (บอกให้ทำสิ่งใดสิ่งหนึ่ง)
4. Try the smoked salmon. (suggestion)
5. Come around on Sunday. (invitation)